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Free Wills Month

Free Wills Month campaigns reach out to the general public to secure gifts in Wills from the ‘cold audience.’ About 7% of Canadians remember a charity in their Will unprompted, but Free Wills Month multiplies that figure several times – in some cases recording charitable legacies in well over half of the Wills written. Free Wills Month demonstrates that there is a large reservoir of latent support for many causes, and taps in to it.

Free Wills Month campaigns are organized for individual charities in one city or a consortium in a number of locations. Free Wills Month utilises local newspapers, social media and a dedicated website to reach the public. Aimed at people aged 55 and over (because they are in ‘Will-making mode), Free Wills Month enables people to have a simple Will written free of charge with arrangements in place for more complex estates. For legal and ethical reasons, there is no obligation to include a gift to one of the sponsoring charities.

Free Wills Month’s operation captures the personal details and charitable gift pledges of every user, all of which are shared with the beneficiary charity. This process makes Free Wills Month highly measurable, yielding returns on investment upwards of 10:1.

Capacity has run twelve Free Wills Month consortium campaigns in Ontario and British Columbia since 2010. We have run many campaigns featuring just one charity – ‘solus’ campaigns – mainly in Ontario but also in BC. Last year saw the first solus campaigns in Newfoundland and Saskatchewan, and this year we have run our first solus campaign in Manitoba.

To find out more about Free Wills Month and how it could start getting measurable results for your charity, please contact Toni Andreola.