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About Us

Capacity Marketing was founded in 2001 and began operating in North America in 2010 offering planned giving programs to charities.

Planned giving gives the best return on investment of any form of fundraising but it often has to compete with other, more immediate, fundraising priorities. Capacity was formed to help charities make the most of their bequest marketing resources.

We offer services to suit organizations of any size. We currently work with many well known charities in Canada, the UK, Ireland and the USA.

Capacity’s innovative approach to the Free Wills concept has prompted concentration on that highly successful and expanding area of bequest fundraising. Free Wills Month engages the general public while the Free Wills Network caters for charity’s known supporters.

Capacity’s focus is always on providing measurable outcomes to all planned giving activity. Our Free Wills Month campaigns in Canada have generated over $4.5 million in bequests for participating solicitors in just six years.

Supporters’ good intentions about including a charitable bequest in their Will remain just good intentions unless they write that Will – no Will means no legacy!