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Shaping your future legacy income
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Legacy Marketing for Charities

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The challenge of planned giving: No Will – No Legacy.

Legacy donations make up a huge proportion of many charities’ fundraising income – up to 50% in some cases. But it can be challenging to build and sustain a legacy fundaising program, especially when only 7% of the public choose to leave a gift to charity in their Will unprompted. Capacity Marketing for Charities know that the percentage of people who leave legacies to charity in their Will can rise to 60% simply by asking people at the time of writing their Will.

Unlike traditional legacy strategies, our programs are highly measurable, enabling you to track of the value of each gift and steward donors where appropriate.

Free Wills Month:  enables you to reach out to new (‘cold’) audiences, giving you access to your hinterland of unknown supporters.

Canadian Free Wills Network: helps you convert your lifelong supporters (or ‘warm audience’) into legacy donors.

People hesitate about writing their Will but they overcome their inertia when offered this opportunity from a trusted charity at no cost. Supporters might have the best intention to leave a gift in their Will, but good intentions all too often remain just that – which means No Will, No Legacy.

Capacity Marketing for Charities’ service is unique, connecting philanthropically-minded people with Will-writing lawyers in an environment where they are encouraged to leave a gift to their favourite cause, with no obligation. The programs focus on people aged 55 and over because that demographic tend to be in ‘Will-making mode.’

The return on investment will be impressive!  Imagine knowing with 100% certainty the value of future legacy gifts. Not only do we help charities secure legacy income for years to come, but our measurable results mean that you can grow the size of your gifts over time through stewarding your supporters.

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