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Future Developments

Capacity has maintained a close watch on planned giving as it is understood in the United States and Canada, with a view to applying some of the opportunities to the UK legacy market.

The legacy marketing sector – known as planned giving in North America – enjoys a much more positive environment compared to the UK owing to the sympathetic tax regime. In the United States, the Nixon Administration’s reform of the tax code forty years ago gave people a greater incentive to make significant gifts to charity not only in their lifetime but also through their Wills.

Capacity Marketing is a member of the European Association for Philanthropy & Giving, which is working toward persuading HM Treasury to introduce a more liberal, pro-giving tax regime in this country.

In Canada, where we are running Free Wills programmes from our office base in Toronto, Ontario, Capacity is a member of the Canadian Association For Planned Giving which enables us to learn the best and most transferable methods that can be transferred to the UK.

More information on North American-style planned giving can be sought from Stephen Maund.