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What our charity clients say about Free Wills Month

Legacy Foresight recently interviewed three of our Free Wills Month charities for their regular Viewpoint feature. We’ve excerpted a few of the charities’ comments below about their participation in the campaign – or you can read the full interviews and analysis by Legacy Foresight here. We think it’s a great insight into the many practical benefits of Free Wills Month as a legacy strategy.

The Salvation Army

salvation army twitter profile

“We take part because it is a very good way to a engage with new supporters and to raise awareness around the ‘make a Will’ message. The campaign has a much wider reach than we could easily achieve in the same timeframe.”

“Our results would suggest that the pledgers who come to us by way of the scheme may not have previously considered including us in their Wills, the publicity around FWM may also give them the nudge to go on and have their Wills written. Quite a high proportion of the new pledgers are younger than our existing pledgers.”

“…being part of the scheme brings a wider awareness of and engagement with us. The number of new supporters we connect with through the scheme and the opportunity to create meaningful ongoing relationships with them, means that FWM is a very valuable element of our overall legacy strategy.”

Jackie Birch, Legacy & In Memory Fundraising Manager

Marie Curie

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“[Free Wills Month] absolutely has provided a significant number of gifts pledged to Marie Curie which far outweigh the cost of taking part.”

“Free Will offerings such as FWM also help us to pick up some of those people who otherwise may not have got round to actually including us in their Will – or not known they can even do that. We also have to look further afield from our own supporter base if we are to reach the types of people who make up the 50% of legators that we don’t know about – the ‘invisible legators’.”

“As we know with legacy fundraising, it only takes a few large residuary gifts to make a real difference to future income and FWM allows us to cast our net – and brand – further than we otherwise would be able to, increasing awareness and the opportunities this then creates for these larger gifts to be written into Wills.”

Nigel Gorvett, Individual Giving Manager – Legacies

National Trust

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“…we stick with FWM because although the volumes aren’t enormous, it provides a steady flow of supporters about whom we are notified, rather than having to rely on the individuals to let us know. As such, it actually makes it easier to measure as a piece of legacy marketing activity than a lot of the other things we do, as it has a tangible, quantifiable return.”

Alison Edwards, Head of Individual Giving


Read the full interviews and analysis here

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