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logo (5)Rethink Mental Illness has become the 50th charity to enroll in the National Free Wills Network.

The Network was founded in 2008 after calls by charities who were involved in the Free Wills Month campaign to make the Free Wills concept available to their warmest audience.

The Network comprises more than 700 solicitors who write simple Wills for a set fee, which the member charities pay. The Network has generated over 4500 gifts in Wills to the charities. Network Director Stephen Maund said: “A modest estimate is that the gifts are worth well over £30 million in future income – and that’s before the effect of ongoing stewardship as the charities further build relationships.”

The member charities are free to promote the Network opportunity to selected supporters, passing those who respond to the Network office which connects them with Network solicitors closest to where they live. Supporters who write their Will through the Network are in no way obliged to include a gift to their charity, though an impressive three-quarters choose to do so.

The National Free Wills Network is run by Capacity Marketing For Charities, who also organise the Free Will Month campaigns offering Free Wills to the general public. Capacity’s Marketing Executive, Richard Millar, said: “The reasons charities use the Network vary but many cite the desire to give something back to supporters, as well as to encourage them to leave a gift in their Will. Research shows that many people are well-disposed to the idea of a charitable legacy but are put off by legal language and perceived expense. The Network seems to cut through all that.”

Dan Walshe, High Value and Legacy Manager at Rethink Mental Illness, commented: “We want to help make the process of writing a Will as simple and straight forward as possible for our supporters.”

To find out more about the National Free Wills Network please visit nationalfreewills.net, call 0845 020 4309 or email richard@capacity-marketing.com