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Free Wills Month

Free Wills Month campaigns can be for individual charities in one city or a group in a number of locations and potentially even nationwide for the right organization.

However it is structured, each Free Wills Month runs in specific locations and utilises local and social media to reach the public. The public are presented with an offer to have their Will written free of charge and the case for leaving a gift to the supporting charity or charities in a group campaign, though there is no obligation.

Free Wills Month is addressed to members of the public aged 55 and over, who have a philanthropic impulse. Each campaign writes a predetermined number of Wills with typically upwards of 60% containing charitable gifts.

In 2014 Capacity ran their fifth Free Wills Month campaign in Canada and another individual campaign with Canadian Cancer Society and the first US campaign.

To find out more about Free Wills Month and how it could start getting measurable results for your charity please contact Richard Millar.